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For fast, affordable computer repairs - we provide comprehensive computer repairs for all major model laptops and desktops.

  • Hardware malfunctions?

  • Software problems?

  • Lost Data?

  • Data transfer?

  • Spyware or Virus infection?

  • Need Optimization?

  • Slow computer?

  • Blue screen?

iFix PC's technicians have 8 years of combined experience repairing laptops, from cracked screens, hard drive damage, and software issues to worn or stuck keyboards and motherboard malfunctions. You bring us your troubled computer.

At iFix PC, nothing is “beyond repair!”

26220 116th Ave SE # 104 Kent, WA 98030

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26220 116th Ave SE # 104
Kent, WA 98030

We fix what other "Geeks" can't!

Repairs done on site, no ship out.

30 days hardware work guranteed.

48 Hours diagnostics return time.

iFix PC